Now that we've got stand alone venue pages that show all of the events that are currently listed for any given space, it seemed like the obvious next step would be to put all of those spaces on a map:

The venue map is just what the name implies: a map of all the venues we're currently featuring here on the site. You can zoom in and poke around. Each venue pop-up will link to the corresponding page for that venue, which includes all of it's upcoming events.

This is a living map. Venues will drop off if they have no events currently featured on the site, and others will show up as new events get added over time. It's just a nice way to take in all of the various events we're excited about at any given time. It should also make finding events at a given spot or in a specific neighborhood a li'l easier going forward.

Anyhow... that's what I did this weekend. Now go look at the damned map already and lemme know what you think.