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12 Assholes of Christmas

Like every year, we open at noon for those who don't have anywhere to go or don't wanna go anywhere. POTLUCK DINNER too. The more food the better. Plus free live music on the hour. 

1p. DJ Kat Cade
2p. DJ Krissy Krass
3p. DJ Miah
4p. Mr. California
5p. Pisteria
6p. Paul E. Wog (unplugged)
7p. Andrew Kirshner
8p. Packwolf 
9p. Kill The Hippies
10p Basement Boys
11p Roobydocks
12a Short Order

*** From noon til 3 pm all Gr8 Lakes except Christmas Ale are $1!!
*** From 3 to 6 pm all Gr8 Lakes are $2.00!!
*** From 6 to 9 pm all Gr8 Lakes are $3.00!!
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