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Dec 25


Music Free


Like every year we open at NOON for those who don't have anywhere to go or don't wanna go anywhere. POTLUCK too. The more food the better. Plus free live music on the hour.

*** From noon til 3 pm all Gr8 Lakes except Christmas Ale are $1.50!!
*** From 3 to 6 pm all Gr8 Lakes except Christmas Ale are $2.00!!
*** From 6 to 9 pm all Gr8 Lakes except Christmas Ale are $3.00!!

1. The Ruiners (The band that never plays, no one knows and will never break up. 3rd show in 20 years)
2. Mr. California (Ridiculous non-PC one man band from Mongolia)
3. Hermes (Spooky Pop)
4. Dj Hama and Becca (Music to warm your souls from the Trapiest trap bangers to the smoothest R&B to the most esoteric world music)
5. Mike Thrope (A cosmic adventure though sound by Thrope, the cosmic one)
6. Alex “WORLDWIDE” Keller (Basement Boi - Kelly’s got a guitar aw frick)
7. Kellen (Groovy Christmas carols with Don Fontana)
8. Swindlella (mem. of Cloud Nothings annual assault on your ears)
9. Dj Andrew Schoen (Playing techno records)
10. Nora & Guests (Magical Irish step dancing queens)
11. Krissy Krass (Krassmass Music)
12. The possibility of special puppet show. TBA

Schedule with set times coming soon.
ALL FREE in the bar!

More Info

What Time? 12:00pm
How Much? FREE