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Jul 30


This month at the 1Way: Togishi at 9pm and Manifesta at 10pm.

Manifesta is:
Kristen Ban Drake - modular analog synthesizer, vocals, unprepared bass guitar
Maggie Duff - singing saw & vocals
Grace Harper - keyboards
Amanda R. Howland - vocals, mini brute, guitar, various pedals
Gwen Thomas - violin
Pulsating ambience, unexpected improvisations, sonic smoke signals.

Togishi is a Cleveland based trio consisting of Mike Sopko - guitar, Joe Tomino - drums & electronics, Dan Wenninger - saxophones & hulusi. The trio performs entirely improvised music drawing upon influences such as avant-garde jazz, experimental rock, contemporary classical and electronic noise. Their unique sound and creative approach is both visceral and contemplative.
Their new album is available here:

This takes place at the Go Factory. 1935 W. 96th off of Madison. 3rd floor. Park in the large fenced in parking lot and use the door closest to the street. Donations are graciously accepted ($5-$10 suggested). Doors open at 8:30pm. Music starts at 9pm.

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What Time? 8:30pm
How Much? $10