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Jan 05

7000 Marks: Adapting into the Future

Art Free

A geologist and a fiction writer will lead creative workshop, Adapting into the Future, Looking to Former Landscapes to Imagine Future Worlds, as part of 7000 Marks.

CREATIVE WRITING - Looking to geologic pasts to imagine future worlds
Human beings understand the world through human scales of reference, both physically and in time. The study and consideration of geology encourages us to imagine deep time as it reaches into the past and the art of science fiction enables us to consider deep futures. Join artist and geologic thinker Ryan Dewey, science fiction author Charles Oberndorf and 7000 Marks artists Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg in a discussion on these themes and activate the 7000 pencils through a creative writing workshop in which we will aim to imagine outside of the human timeframe into deep futures.

Ryan Dewey
His object-based, performance, and installation work pops up in unexpected venues including the British Society for Geomorphology, the American Association of Geographers, the Annenberg School for Communication, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Kickstarter, and living history festivals, as well as more traditional art venues including SPACES, ACRE, and artist run-spaces across the country.

Charles Oberndorf is the author of three novels and five stories. He's reviewed books for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the New York Review of Science Fiction. His story, "Another Life," appeared in Year's Best SF #15. Charles is the Chi Waggoner Chair in Middle School Writing at University School.

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What Time? 6:00pm
How Much? FREE