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Oct 19

A Light in the Distance

Meganne Stepka presents a concept album imagined as a multimedia experience. A Light in the Distance embodies & explores "the hero's journey."

Meganne will be performing live accompanied by videos.

"ALITD the album (2012) was originally written / recorded in the dark of night completely alone over the week of the summer solstice - with the intention of self-embarking on a personal journey to confront myself and answer "the call" to express songs waiting to be written from my deepest reflections on my role in my own life and to interpret the world on this meta-personal level as pursued with the passion of an artist, a woman, a human. At the end of the journey I found within me the strength to write a song confirming that Love is at our core. "The Sound You Know" ... ends the story of this album and it begins with the opening track "Unlearn." " - m.s.

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? $10