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Dec 14

Advanced Darkroom Printing Workshop


Darkroom printing is a process comprised of a set of variables. These variables range from the obvious, like exposure time and paper type, to the less so, like the temperature of the chemicals. In this workshop, we will break down this process, going step by step through all of the stages of making a darkroom print. We will begin by addressing some of the theory behind printing and the artistic decisions one can make, including paper, chemical choice, and setup of the darkroom. We will also go over more advanced printing techniques such as dodging and burning, and finally address proper care of your prints, from washing and drying to storage and display. The goal of the workshop is to give the participants a new level of control over their photographic practice by the end of the day, and a base level of knowledge that can be built upon.

The Print Room will supply necessary materials (paper and chemicals), but not negatives: so bring them in! Please bring in five of your negatives, cotton gloves for handling them, and a notebook (a physical notebook is necessary as a phone cannot be used in the darkroom). The workshop will run all day so plan to bring something to eat as well.

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What Time? 12:00pm
How Much? $105