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Oct 27

Arc Iris / Qiet

Come join us for two unique and high-energy bands, Arc Iris and Qiet. This show is a collaboration between BOP STOP and Mechanic Street House Concerts, where both bands have wowed audiences.

Arc Iris is a feast for the eyes and the ears. They are decidedly their own thing - weaving the threads of smart folk-rock like Joni Mitchell, theatrical prog like early Genesis, and modern rock into their own colorful capes. Strong musicianship, smart songs, and great live shows – no wonder they’ve performed at festivals like Bonaroo and Newport Folk Festival and been featured on All Things Considered.

Qiet play horn and fiddle spiked pop-rock that blends in bits from gypsy jazz, funk, soul, and folk music. Notorious for moving even the most stoic to dance, Qiet’s chemistry resonates with the audience to create an experience for you to remember.

More Info

Where? Bop Stop
What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? $20