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Jan 20

Artists on Art: Jacob Koestler on My heart’s in my hand, and my hand’s pierced…


Artists on Art leverages the expertise of artists working right here in our region through monthly, in-gallery talks about one or more artworks on view in MOCA’s exhibitions. Artist and musician Jacob Koestler will discuss Phil Collins's exhibition my heart's in my hand... currently on view at MOCA Cleveland. Koestler uses photography and video to examine the post-industrial Rust Belt cities in the Great Lakes region. Much of Koestler’s work disrupts the assumptions and stereotypes often associated with these places and their residents through multi-media installations. Koestler is currently an Adjunct Faculty member in Photography and Video at the Cleveland Institute of Art; his work was recently included in the exhibition THEM! at Cleveland’s Transformer Station. More information on Koestler's work can be found at

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Where? MOCA
What Time? 2:30pm
How Much? Various