This event has ended. The moment has come and gone, and you are dwelling in the past. The future is on our home page. You can also look at other events coming up at Ingenuity Cleveland

Jun 23

Audio Amplifier Workshop

Build an Audio Amplifier!

Instructors: Sam Harmon
Class Size: 5
Minimum Age: 16 and up

This is a workshop to build a simple audio amplifier based on the LM386 audio amplifier IC. Suitable for use with guitars, synthesizers, microphones or other audio inputs.

This class is intended for beginners in electronics and soldering.

If you are building this project as a part of the Cigar Box Synthesizer, an enclosure is not required. If you want to use it as a standalone amplifier, you may want to bring some kind of enclosure to put it in.

No experience needed.

While the address is 5401 Hamilton, *don’t* come in via any entrances along there. Enter the complex via E. 53rd (where the Ingenuity sign is), and come into the normal-sized door to the right of the “Dock 5” and “Dock 6” roll-up doors.

More Info

What Time? 3:00pm
How Much? $20