Sep 06

Bound & Loaded

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For 5 years BOUND Art Book + Zine Fair has celebrated the work of independent writers, artists, and musicians by providing space and support to share their diverse voices with Cleveland. Help us make this year a success by coming to meet, share, learn, and collect from national and international artists, makers, and publishers.

This two day event runs Friday, September 6, 4-9 PM and Saturday, September 7, 11 AM-5 PM.


Loaded is a yearly concert series held on moCa’s loading dock and curated by a local artist. Often featuring noise and experimental music along side visual and performative art. This year's curator, Marcia Custer, is a valley-girl-vocalizing, noise-making clown-witch with a penchant for both the bizarre and the sublime. She is a musician, performance artist, comedian, choreographer, and producer, whose projects include 2 Divorced Moms, SPACEBEACH, Half an Animal, and Stacey’s Spacey (Unifactor Tapes).

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Where? MOCA
What Time? Various
How Much? FREE