This event has ended. The moment has come and gone, and you are dwelling in the past. The future is on our home page. You can also look at other events coming up at West Bank of the Flats

Feb 24

Brite Winter Festival

Festival Free

There might be snow… there might be sun, but this is Cleveland and we’ve come out to play in the middle of winter! This year Brite Winter will feature more of the things we love: Music, Art and Outdoor Activities. As a community funded and organized event, all of our official programing is free and open to the public, and is made possible largely by support of our attendees.


Atlas GeniusSeafairObnoxHerzogFreshproduceMourning [a] BlkstarThe Jack FordsDJ EsoHolden LaurenceAutomatic WeaponsThe Whiskey HollowPoroThe DropoutFalling StarsPunch Drunk Tagalongs& more

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What Time? Various
How Much? FREE