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Canadian Xmas Killers

The Innerspace presents two 70's Christmas killers from the great white north, including the rarely seen, giallo-influenced psycho-santa thriller THE SILENT PARTNER and the other irreverent holiday masterpiece from Bob “A Christmas Story” Clark, BLACK CHRISTMAS.
The screenings are BYO and everyone is welcome. Free entry, free pizza! 

Directed by Daryl Duke
101 minutes
Elliott Gould stars as a nebbish yet very shrewd shopping mall bank teller who anticipates psycho Christopher Plummer’s Xmas time robbery (dressed as Santa), and ends up with more stolen money than Plummer does. Nicely done, slow-burning cat’n’mouse thriller. Worth catching.

Directed by Bob Clark 
98 minutes
A sorority house is plagued by obscene phone calls that turn nasty during Christmas season. One of the girls has gone missing. A body is found in the park. Could the murderer be star Olivia Hussey’s pushy pro-life boyfriend? Cop John Saxon (who’s excellent in one of his best roles) investigates. Screenwriter Moore provides some great non-cliched characters and a sense of humor, and Clark directs with assured flair. If you’ve not heard about the ending by now, then you are in for a treat.

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