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Jun 08

CLEAN ROOM: Paintings by Mike Shepley and Melinda Placko

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Clean Room is a two-person art show at the classic Doubting Thomas Gallery. Cleveland artists Mike Shepley and Melinda Placko will show individual pieces and a new series of collaborative paintings.

Separately, Mike and Melinda’s painting styles vary wildly. But together, their pictures and paint complement one another through an almost organic cohesion, borne of 25 years of friendship and artistic admiration.

Mike’s abstract paintings are wild and intensely layered, full of music, evil spirits and the crumpled stanzas of half-forgotten poems. They are never-ending chasms, framed in by the hand of a master carpenter.

Melinda works in drawing, painting and collage. Her images emanate from the collective memory of the primeval forest, and are often influenced by sign painting and anatomical illustration.

Join these artists as they show this new series of work.

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? FREE