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Aug 31

Deep Conversations

Other Free

This is a gathering for people who want to have deeper-than-normal, philosophical, and philosophically-adjacent conversations with friends and strangers over a few beers. The drinking part is optional, of course.

No prior familiarity with philosophy is necessary.

There are no fixed topics and no rules other than to be respectful of others' views and ideas. Although disagreement and tension are inevitable and welcome in a gathering such as this, jerks, knuckleheads, and those who make others feel unwelcome or unsafe will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave.

So bring a friend, a topic, a thought, a question, have some beers, and talk it out! This is about conversation, community, and philosophy, so if you're at all curious about the intersection of those things, stop on by!

More Info

What Time? 1:00pm
How Much? FREE