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Sep 14

Embargo: The Work of Furman, Serra Marino, Ramos & Rubi

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Embargo will feature the works of Ukrainian Photojournalist Alexey Furman, Chilean Artist Pablo Serra Marino, Cuban Artist Sandra Ramos and Bolivian-born Cuban photographer Pilar Rubi.

Past Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion artists, Serra Marino, Ramos, and Pilar will show works created in the last few years, and the exhibition will feature new pieces.

Ukrainian freelance photojournalist Alexey Furman, who pursued his master’s degree at Missouri School of Journalism on a Fulbright scholarship, has been photographing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Recent Grand Prize Winner of the IAFOR Documentary Photography Award for his project Life After Injury, the Print Room will show work held in the collection of Nigel Maister of Rochester, New York.

2014 Creative Fusion Alumni Pablo Serra Marino will return to Cleveland in August to create work for this special exhibition.

2017 Creative Fusion Artist Sandra Ramos is a visual artist from Cuba known for her surrealist expression of her relationship to Cuba’s political and social situation. Ramos’ recent work will be featured in this show.

2017 Creative Fusion Photographer Pilar Rubi, uses both digital and wet plate processes to create her work. Teaming up with local artist Greg Martin in wet plate, Rubi will be creating new work.

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What Time? 5:00pm
How Much? FREE