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Nov 26

Esoteric Architecture Tour of The House of Wills

Disclaimer: This is a walking tour throughout the House of Wills. Wear comfy shoes. Dress warm! It’s cold!

If you’ve always wanted to tour the House of Wills but you’re not in to ghosts, this is the tour for you! Bill Carter will be guiding you through the house, explaining all the fundamental features that make the house so spectacular! Bill is kind enough to lend his time for this event and the price from each ticket will be going to the restoration of the house.

Bill Carter is a 32nd Degree Freemason and an officer of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. His 15 years of dedicated historical and esoteric study within Freemasonry has allowed him to observe and experience techniques and practices employed by Freemasons since the year 1390 and earlier.

He will share the underlying Masonic elements of construction contained within the edifice of the House of Wills and discuss some of the more mystical and speculative ideas surrounding the power of spaces, ratios, and architecture.

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What Time? 6:00pm
How Much? $35