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Mar 20

Even & La Berge

Noa Even and Anne La Berge team up for a program of new multimedia solo works for flute and saxophone followed by a set of improvisation.


:sunglasses: :selfie: (2017)
for saxophones, mobile phone, & video
Dan Tramte

Delay/Line (2016)
for flute and electronics
Sam Pluta

Utter (2016)
for flute and electronics, narration and iPads
Anne La Berge

Free improvisation
Noa Even & Anne La Berge


Delay/Line is a focused study on the effect of simple delays on a gradual glissando from the low to the high range of the flute. Simple in nature, but virtuosic to perform, Delay/Line is a testament to Anne LaBerge's virtuosity as an electro-acoustic performer and improviser. Delay/Line was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University.

Utter maps out the emotional and linguistic complexities of mother/child communication. The intimate, innovative setting features Anne La Berge together with 6 iPads that create a two-way guiding system where performer and media discover each other, exploring Utter's rich sonic and visual fabric.

:sunglasses: :selfie: is an attempt to establish the selfie as a mirror between emojis and humans, and as such, the material of the work is meant to straddle the two sides of the medium. In a rather explicit way, the saxophonist assumes the role of an emoji (sometimes wearing the "cool emoji" mask). As an acting emoji, the saxophonist thus represents the "other side" of the medium. However, this should not necessarily be read as the narrative. The concept of an emoji mask is indeed the highlight here. As emojis often mislead readers from one's true emotion, emojis should also be considered a masking device in itself. 😎🤳 is therefore a piece about restraining one's self from unmasking and embracing the digital culture of [positive] fakery.

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What Time? 8:30pm
How Much? $15