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Feb 09

Feminist Writing Circle

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hosted by Stephanie Czekalinski and Elaine Schleiffer

This writing group will provide constructive criticism of your writing. We will discuss rhetorical techniques and the structural arrangement of your work, and we will reserve time to write. But mostly this is an invitation to fill your literary quiver with the arrows of honesty, authenticity, and genuineness and to learn to shoot them straight and true at their targets. Come to workshop something, come to write something, come to hear others' insights and struggles.

Stephanie Czekalinski had a decades-long career in journalism writing about immigration, violence, demographic change, and policy. Her award-winning work appeared in The Atlantic, The National Journal, and The Columbus Dispatch. Czekalinski holds a masters degree in English Literature and has worked as a professor of literature and composition on the college level.

She left journalism and the work she deeply loved to care for her new baby daughter four years ago. The experience was difficult and clarifying. She realized that the most intoxicating - and deeply missed - aspect of being a journalist was possessing the platform for truth-telling. What she learned in the purifying crucible of motherhood is that the Truth is best expressed by many people, that the world thirsts for expressions of experience that ring true, and that very few people feel empowered to speak Truth and share it with others. Now she’s embarking on a new adventure - combining her interest in fiction and poetry with the truth-telling skills she learned over years of interviewing mothers of murdered children, senators, and attendees of county fairs.

Elaine Schleiffer is a published poet and essayist and, in this writing group, promises to be less snarky.

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What Time? 10:00am
How Much? FREE