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Sep 18

Femme Psychsploitation: Italian Editions 1970-75

Film Free Apartment Show The Innerspace

After a long summer break, movie nights are starting up again every Tuesday in the apartment above Mahall’s! For the inaugural screening in the new space, The Innerspace presents a double feature of dreamy Italian female psychosis exploitation films from the 70s. The hippie occult chiller Queens Of Evil starts things out at 8, followed by the gorgeous, ethereal mystery Le Orme at 10. The screenings are free and open to everyone.

Free pizza!

90 minutes
Directed by Tononi Cervi

A biker (played by Ray Lovelock, the Italian Manson!) accidentally kills a creepy motorist and winds up stranded in the house of three sexy sisters, who aren’t what they appear to be (spoiler alert: they are Queens Of Evil). Ray performs some paranoia pop hippie jams on the soundtrack and there is the Illuminati themselves show up at the end in this rarely-seen surreal horror fantasy.

10PM: LE ORME 1975
90 minutes
Directed by Luigi Bazzoni

Alice is tormented by visions of an exotic island, an opulent hotel, and an eerie dream about an astronaut abandoned on the moon. She is drawn to the desolate seaside town of Garma, where the residents seem to know her as Nicole even though she has no recollection of having been there. As Alice chases the specter of her past, her fragile psyche begins to unravel, revealing the terrifying truth.

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? FREE