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FRONT Film Program Screenings

View the FRONT Film Program’s multitude of screen related experiences. Opening weekend will feature artists introducing their works, from film inserted into the cityscape, to complex and immersive gallery presentations availing themselves of specific viewing and recording technologies.

July 14 Screenings:
11:00 AM: Natural History of Nest Building; Social History of Egg Collecting, Andy Holden
12:15 PM: Trilogy (Priapus Agonistes, Swiburne’s Pasiphae, Thong of Dionysus), Mary Reid Kelley with Patrick Kelley
1:00 PM: Diary of a Madman Jerusalem, Cheng Ran
2:00 PM: La Libertad; U.S. premiere of Aequador, Laura Huertas Millán
3:00 PM: Also Known as Jihadi, introduced by Eric Baudelaire

July 15 Screenings:
11:00 AM: The Worldly Cave; Blue & Red, Zhou Tao
1:00 PM: All Small Bodies; world premiere of I dream of you, artist introduction by Reeder/Heberton
2:00 PM: Phantasiesätze; South Stone, Komljen
3:00 PM: The Pink Egg, Jim Trainor
4:30 PM: Isolated Above, Shiyuan