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Jan 11

Gimme Shelter: An Invitational Show

Art Free

A house is much more than four walls and a roof.

As the house is a potent symbol in contemporary society, the Print Room asked select artists to reflect and convey the full range of the human experience that the home represents by creating a piece for this January exhibition.

In the essay, "House and Home," Michael Rooks writes, "Home, as they say, is where the heart lies, and so while one may live in a house, it may or may not be one's home. The home is more of an abstract idea of a place of belonging, be it a physical structure, a community, a nation, or a continent. Home can be the sea, the mountains, or the Great Plains, or it may be an ideology or a discipline like artistic practice…The idea of home is a basic element of identity, representing one's personal credo perhaps more unequivocally than any statement of religious belief. It is both idiosyncratic and idiomatic, thus conjuring images and meanings that are, as with the word house, both personal and shared. Indeed, it is the poetic opacity of these words that engenders associations and invokes feelings such as comfort, happiness, pleasure, affectation, fear, nostalgia, familiarity, well-being, and many others…”

Please join us for the opening reception for Gimme Shelter, FREE and open to the public, from 5-8pm, on Friday, January 11 and see the work of participating artists: Tim Arai, Jackin Bon, Tracy Coon, Mona Gazala, DaShaunae Jackson, Chuck Mintz, Don Penn, Sophie Schwartz, Stephen Takas, Michael Tsegaye, and Stephen Yusko. Watch for more artists to be announced.

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What Time? 5:00pm
How Much? FREE