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Mar 27

GRID (Nelson, Dahl, Podgurski)

The Syndicate for the New Arts presents GRID (New York, NY)) and Kristen Ban Drake at the historic St. John's Ohio City.

$15 at the door but nobody turned away

GRID is the debut recording from the new trio of Matt Nelson (Battle Trance) on saxophone, Tim Dahl (Child Abuse) on bass, and Nick Podgurski (New Firmament; Feast of the Epiphany) on drums. Despite the trio formation and the individual players’ backgrounds with jazz, the GRID sound takes the plunge toward the darker, heavier, and more psychedelic realms of improvised music. While undoubtedly harnessing the clamorous spirit of free jazz, the trio ventures beyond its acoustic borders, cleverly implementing electronic processing as well as dirge-like tempos that draw upon the slow-burning qualities of Doom and Sludge for inspiration.

Kristen Ban Drake:
Bio by Decade

20’s--Mad Dog 20/20 Induced Poetry Readings.
30’s-Sound & Language Group Improv Work: MommieHood.
40’s-Slam Poetry & Audio Art Work.
50’s Gone.
60’s Back, sorta. GranmaHood.

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What Time? 9:00pm
How Much? $15