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Nov 05

Happy Dog Takes on the World: Music as Political Diplomacy

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While international affairs seem dominated by the high politics of official representatives and ambassadors, a great deal of transnational interaction happens at the levels of citizens and collectives.

An increasingly popular form of cultural exchange and citizen diplomacy is expressed through music. What goes into these efforts? How do such exchanges shape the foreign artists as well as the American musicians? What is the future of this kind of advocacy and what are its limits?

Jennifer Fraser, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology and Anthropology, Oberlin College & Conservatory

Angelin Chang, DMA, JD, Piano; Coordinator of Keyboard Studies; Coordinator of Chamber Music, Cleveland State University

Chris Jenkins, MIA, Associate Dean for Academic Support; Liaison to the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Oberlin Coordinator

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Where? Happy Dog
What Time? 7:30pm
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