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Nov 12

Healing Arts

Art, music and other forms of creative self-expression add richness, depth and joy to the human experience. They challenge, entertain and inspire. The very human need for beauty and inspiration does not end when a person is living with an advanced illness. In fact, the need is magnified. Learn how the healing arts help fulfill a universal human need for hope and healing. Lisa Scotese Gallagher, Director of Staff Experience at Hospice of the Western Reserve, and Gail Sykes, CEO of Helderberg Hospice in South Africa, will share inspirational stories about talented volunteers as well as some of the creative approaches used to foster joy and peace at what may seem like a very improbable time. The two organizations are worlds apart, but through a special “sister hospice” relationship and a shared mission, they are making a meaningful difference for thousands of vulnerable families right here in Cleveland and across the globe in Somerset West, South Africa.

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Where? Happy Dog
What Time? 7:30pm
How Much? $