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Jun 03

CANCELED: Herzog Church: A Hard Fall Into Light

Event has been Canceled!

The Innerspace presents in conjunction with The Syndicate For The New Arts: Herzog Church, a summer long Werner Herzog retrospective at St. John's Episcopal Church. Every other Sunday throughout the summer, Herzog Blu-Rays will be projected on the giant screen in St. John’s in Ohio City. The screenings will begin at 8pm. Each night will have a theme.

We begin with two "awakening" films, concerning being born out of silence and darkness into a world of light and language.

Everyone welcome!


82 minutes
A testament from another plane of existence.
This 1971 documentary focuses on Fini Straubinger, a 56 year old blind and deaf woman, and traces her attempts in helping those whose plight is similar to her own.
“As a rule, Werner Herzog's documentaries are more unearthly than his fictions. This 1971 study of Germany's deaf-blind population presents its subjects as a privileged class with access to an alternate reality. Herzog shuns the expected tone of social-worker condescension in favor of mystic's awe. A remarkable, unaccountable film.”
-Chicago Reader

109 minutes
“This stunning work takes Herzog’s most commonly used theme, which basically suggests society and its trappings corrupt man’s true nature, and uses it to tell the affecting true story of Kaspar Hauser, a man who has been raised in a basement for the first eighteen years of his life. The power of the performance by Bruno S., an ex-mental patient that Herzog cast as Kaspar, cannot be underestimated here. His flat affect and emotional simplicity are stunning because they represent what’s probably the purest individual on screen outside of Dreyer’s Joan of Arc. Because of his sheer lack of perspective, Kaspar is in a unique position to truly reject science, religion, philosophy, and logic. Because of that, the decency that emerges from him feels like proof of man’s propensity toward goodness. His eventual defeat becomes profoundly moving because of society’s failure to recognize him as the testament that he is.”
-Movie Martyr

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What Time? 10:00pm
How Much? $10