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Nov 17

Hotel Ten Eyes / Joe Fletcher

Music house show

HOTEL TEN EYES is a Rock N’ Roll outfit which began on December 7, 2017 when Joe Fletcher and company made their first appearance at Dino’s in Nashville, TN. One month later the band began recording their debut record, Positively Fireproof, for release in late 2018.

Fletcher's writing is the centerpiece of the operation though it is melded with a different musical landscape than he's been known for in the past. The songs are raw and very electric and have earned comparisons to Nick Cave, The Gun Club, Tom Waits, and The Velvet Underground.

Joe will open the show with a solo set of material from his first three albums: You've Got the Wrong Man, White Lighter, and Bury Your Problems.

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What Time? 7:00pm
How Much? $