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Sep 22

In Training: September Equalization

N TRAINING returns with a Autumnal Equinox dance-off to guide you through your seasonal and emotional changeover. This month, we'll be hosting a good friend all the way from London along with two of our homegrown local talents inside the sweaty box of Guide To Kulchur. Let's dance!

IN TRAINING events are intended to be a space for autonomous living for oppressed and marginalized people who have run afoul of society's expectations with regards to gender, sexuality, race, class and ability. It's a party that also emphasizes practicing good consent on the dancefloor and helping people who feel unsafe in public spaces - especially club environments - feel safe and welcome. If anyone interferes with your enjoyment of this event by harassing, groping or otherwise behaving in an oppressive manner, please let the promoters and venue staff know and we will have them removed. We would also like to remind everyone that this is an 18+ event, and we reserve the right to verify ages at the door.

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What Time? 9:00pm
How Much? $8