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Feb 17

Incite:: A Color Removed Call to Action

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Join us Saturday, February 17th for the fifth installment of conversations around artist Michael Rakowitz' A Color Removed project.

The evening starts at 7:30pm with another installment of our year long INCITE Tape Collage Series featuring tape loops of resistance messages from all over the globe.

8PM - A Color Removed - "Think IN."

More about the project/partners:
What does the right to safety actually mean in this city? In this country, now? In this world? Who gets to be safe? Who doesn’t? And why? These questions are at the core of a project presented as part of FRONT International called A Color Removed. In this project, the color orange is removed from the city of Cleveland as one removes the orange tip from a toy gun. The orange objects reassemble in SPACES all summer in 2018, and the monochrome assemblage of orange votives, each with a different story by the one who removed it and put it there, becomes an open community organizing space for fearless listening around the right to safety. From Palestine to Iraq to Syria to Chiraq, from Cleveland’s Cudell Commons to Cleveland’s locker room banter, who gets to live a dignified life is a question born of inequality. Help us brainstorm how this project is going to happen. Mark up the city and fill up the summer with your proposals for community organizing space: reading groups, revisionist history town halls, trauma yoga, story telling, policy agitation …

Join artist Michael Rakowitz, writer RA Washington, Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, and SPACES Executive Director Christina Vassallo, to kickstart the summer stage of A Color Removed. Please bring orange items you’d like to displace, your internal map of Cleveland, and your ideas for how to activate the supersaturated orange display at SPACES, from July 13th - September 30th. We are going to make this event a live think-in for all who come.

The program is presented as part of FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art, in lead up to its exhibition An American City: 11 Cultural Exercises, July 14-September 30, 2018

INCITE is our year long series of Performative Exhibitions designed to create a dialogue between creatives in this region and beyond. For more information about our programs, and collaborations visit our website

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What Time? 6:00pm
How Much? FREE