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Mar 18

Incite: These Song Sing – A Conversation w/ Christine Lewis

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Join us Sunday, March 18th for the second installment of our ongoing series exploring the songs that we write. We are excited to have Christine Lewis of Cigarette Playdate. We will explore Ms. Lewis’s process and discuss how they construct songs both in the solo and group context.

The evening begins at 6pm with an extended interview with Ursula Le Guin, as part of our INCITE Tape Collage Series.

Our conversation with follow.
This event is FREE and open to the public.

More about our guest,
Christine Lewis is a life long resident of the greater Cleveland area and feels incredibly uncomfortable writing her own bio and speaking in the third person. Writing as creative expression, however, has always come very naturally to her. As a young girl she’d write short stories on her typewriter. Christine then graduated to handwriting poetry and typing out full length novels on her computer. In her teens, she began writing down the lyrics to the songs she’d create and her writing has persisted and evolved all of the way through to present day. It’s not always polished, nor is it ever perfect, but the words keep flowing and she’ll be documenting them as long as they keep coming.

Christine is a creative person and expresses herself and serves the community in a variety of ways. She is a installation and performance artist, photographer, projection artist, etc. with her works having been featured at SPACES, Rooms To Let, Doubting Thomas Gallery, Re | Marking and more. She’s been nominated for valedictorian and was a Summa Cum Laude graduate at Lakeland Community College, for her Associate’s of Arts, as well as Cleveland State University, for her Bachelor’s in Music Therapy. She is a board certified music therapist trained in progressive relaxation and music imagery, a member of the Lake County Astrological Association and is also a community herbcrafter. Christine’s written works have been published in zines, online and have also been put on display as she’s been singing her own songs in band projects such as partysnoozer (2015) and Cigarette Playdate.

INCITE is our year long series of Performative Exhibitions designed to create a dialogue between creatives in this region and beyond. For more information about our programs, and collaborations visit our website

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What Time? 7:00pm
How Much? FREE