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Feb 23

Incite:: WOMAN - The Music of Ngina Fayola


Ngina Fayola is one of the hidden gems of Northeast Ohio and we are excited to hold an evening exploring Fayola's work!

About our Guest,
NginaFayola is a singer/songwriter, born in Guyana,South America. NginaFayola and her family migrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1982. NginaFayola’s father, Jojo KofiBadu, was one of the founding members of the international world music band, The Yoruba Singers; he became her direct influence into her craft.She started as a poet in Cleveland, Ohio then ventured into singing songs with her guitar at local open mic nights.

Since 2004 Fayola has written, arranged, produced and directed four albums: nginafayola (the birth of...),Observationz, Anomaly, and Ladybugs In My Lamp. Each composition was arranged and created by NginaFayola; each album reflects a point ofchange and growth within Fayola’s personal.Fayola also produced ASpoken Word Project: For The People, for Kisha Nicole Foster (Gneous Music) in 2008. In 2008, she performed at the Kings vs Queens on the Iron Mic show(Grog Shop)and she competed in the Battle of the Beats (Symposium). In 2009, she was featured in the Cleveland Scene magazine for her performance in the Queens of the Iron Mic Show.

She has worked with such artists as Eriq Troi, PhatBurner, Elemental Hard Groove, and Joe Byrd. She has toured with RepLife, a jazz/spoken word duo, which consists of Mark Matthews (D.J) and Daniel Gray-Kontar, in Ohio and Pittsburgh. She has also featured at The Earth Nightclub (Cleveland, Ohio); The Underground (Cleveland, Ohio), the legendary Grog Shop (Cleveland, Ohio), The Tin Roof (Nashville,TN), Cafe Coco (Nashville, TN), Jazz and Jokes (Nashville, TN)and JazzyBlu (Louisville KY).

Fayola performs live acoustically or with a four-man band and back-up singers. Simplicity describes the NginaFayola experience. Fluid emotions are secure inside music. NginaFayola’s voice, being of survival and awareness, is one that is hypnotizing. The sound holds the listeners ear, and commands the soul to calm down, a reassurance that things will be just fine. This definitive style is one that is imperative within the movement of music progressing people and is what sets Fayola apart from her peers. In her songs she questions, initiates and shares in detailed sequences; each one balanced with genuine concern for the aesthetic of music. Her music is an art and she composes songs for the sake of this art; in hopes that it reaches internationally…that her birthplace of Georgetown will serenade her home with her lyrics. NginaFayola is a flame that others flock towards, drawn to raspy undertones within a strong lilt. Her musical range taps into Rock and Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazzand Eclectic Abstract. The NginaFayola experience electrifies one individual at a time, leaving each with simply dope music – smiling from ear to ear.

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? $10