This event has ended. The moment has come and gone, and you are dwelling in the past. The future is on our home page. You can also look at other events coming up at Ingenuity Cleveland

Jun 16

Ingenuity Time Traveler's Ball

Celebrate Ingenuity Past, Support our Future! Save the date for the Time Traveler's Bal: a not-so-fancy and slightly off-kilter celebration in support of IngenuityFest 2018: FuturePast, and our year-round programming at IngenuityLabs. Calling all who are brave enough to venture beyond time and through space


IngenuityLabs, the Sixth City’s foremost space for inventors, Ingeneers, and intrepid itinerants, has suffered the explosion of a homemade time machine, opening portals to the Future and the Past – pick your way through the frozen remnants of the last ice age, duck around mega flora and fauna of the late Carboniferous, and the steaming remnants of Earth’s volcanic beginning. Wear goggles and boots, corset and gloves, or whatever finery and accouterment best prepare you for a journey through the ages.

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What Time? 9:00pm
How Much? Various