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Apr 04

Keep Talking: A Storytelling Show - "My First"

Hosted by Adam Richard and Zachariah Durr!

April theme:
My First

With stories from...
TBD! We need YOU to submit!

Send your story pitches (Beginning, middle and end) to TODAY.

Come visit us on the mainstage of the Happy Dog West to hear real-life tales of strife in all its forms.

Keep Talking is a storytelling show that takes a theme, and invites people to tell stories about that theme. These stories can be inspiring, funny, sad, bizarre, meaningful, shocking, or a combination of all those things.
We need YOU. Everyone has an interesting story in them. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t an actor, comic or natural “center of attention”, we want to hear from you.

More Info

Where? Happy Dog
What Time? 8:30pm
How Much? $5