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May 13

Let The Hate Flow Through You & Sad Boys Social Club

Come see Cleveland podcast Let The Hate Flow Through You and award winning sketch comedy troupe Sad Boys Social Club on the same show for one low price!

Let The Hate Flow Through You is comedians Jeremy Sheer and El Jordano Diablo welcoming a guest each week to share their hatred of a specific person, place, thing or concept and explore why their venom exists. Is it justified or are they wasting their time? Only one way to find out. Guests include Professional Wrestler Greg Iron and TBA

Sad Boys Social Club is a dark comedy strike team from Cleveland, OH. Their shows tackle the absurd, the profane and the dirty with care and precision. Expect a sketch comedy experience you will never forget along with a guest performance from 89.3 FM WCSB Cleveland's Steve Mers.

More Info

Where? Bop Stop
What Time? 10:00pm
How Much? $5