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May 18

Mister Moon, The Village Bicycle, P. Stoops, Biitchseat

Locker Room Show:

Mister Moon

Mister Moon is an alternative-indie-rock band from North Central Ohio featuring two drummers, a bassist and a guitarist. Syncopated drums, swirling guitar, synth bass, and desperate vocals come together in a way that is incomparable to other conventional rock outfits. Elements of pop, rock, hip-hop, and psychedelic music give Mister Moon a distinctly unique sound that is both dynamic and substantial.

The Village Bicycle

Rust belt longings and polyamorous harmonies are laced through clanging guitars and soaring keyboard countermelodies, all underscored by a hard-hitting, relentless rhythm section. Inspired by bizarre nap dreams, life changes and the overwhelming pull to connect to the universe and every being in it, The Village Bicycle ponders the big questions while still enjoying life’s little mysteries. They thoroughly love sharing themselves through their music, and their evervescent energy onstage makes for an awesome, upbeat live experience.

"This Cleveland outfit softens its mathy melodies and shoegaze fuzz with retro sci-fi synth, trippy psychedelic production, and vocals that shift from delicate and feminine to tough, brazen and even funny. Backed by a quirky, Abba-meets-the-Andrews-Sisters chorus, it creates music that’s fun, refreshing and thought-provoking." -The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina

P. Stoops

Incorporating a fluid mix of lush orchestration and rigid scratches and rhythms, turntablist and sample-based composer p.stoops blends decades of recorded music together into a strange yet consonant world. Beyond the record scratches, drum machines, and field recordings, p.stoops works within a strict focus of harmony and form.


Biitchseat was born from a combination of best friend vibes and long-time musical collaboration. Talor, Kristin and Connor have been playing music together for years in an orchestral folk rock band, and have now set their sights on a grittier, more electrifying, pop rock sound. They were very lucky to find Evan, who's unwavering exuberance and passion has taken the team to the next level.

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What Time? 9:00pm
How Much? $10