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Jul 07


Music Free

Noise Lunch 7 Year Anniversary Cookout/Potluck Throwdown!! It’s been 7 years of this madness and we’re gonna celebrate!

THEME: The Number 7 /// CURATORS: Lisa Miralia + Brian Neaville
SCHEDULE: 3pm-5:30pm: Cookout and Potluck out back on the deck and parking lot! With live sets by Fear Rod (Jacob Bonhert) and Pokey Karol
5:45pm-8pm – Noise Lunch, Cake, and Surprises! Inside with live sets by Concave Onion (Tyler Jasterbowski-Caleb Lutz-Bunk) /// Contamination Diet (Kevin Terrorsick-Brian Neaville) /// Dissilient + Murderous Vision (Chris Bilecki-Paul Markus-Stephan Petrus) /// Elephant Pill (PA – Alex Wilson) /// John Burroughs /// Serrated Slump (Pete Bach-Maggie Duff)

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What Time? 3:00pm
How Much? FREE