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Aug 05

Noise Lunch: Halber Mensch-Maschine

Music Free

It’s an interesting contradiction in electronic music that we who make it rely on increasingly advanced technological devices to create expressions of our fundamental humanity. In homage to the tropes explored in Einstürzende Neubauten's "Halber-Mensch" and Kraftwerk's "Die Mensch-Machine", Maggots & Leeches (Ron Kretsch, Marc Lansley, Alec Schuman) are curating August's Noise Lunch on the theme "Halber Mensch Maschine"—Half Human Machine. We've asked an array of out-there music practitioners whom we admire to each create a piece of music that directly addresses the discord of humanity and technology in creative endeavors. Is it utopian or dystopian? A contradiction or a miracle? The performance will be on the afternoon of Sunday, August 5th at Now That’s Class. Maggots & Leeches will debut their new composition "Lullaby for a Newborn A.I."

Other guests are as follows:
9 Volt Haunted House
Arms & Armour
Concave Onion
Let's Fight!
Murderous Vision
Paul Ryan

As always, admission is free.

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What Time? 6:00pm
How Much? FREE