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Now That's A Classy Pop-Up

Ok so maybe your everyday, casual look consists of your best weed-leaf printed fleece pajama pants, an Ed Hardy or Monster Energy Drink official merchandise trucker hat and a tank top that perfectly shows off your playboy bunny tattoo. That’s cool, man, but there is one event hovering on the horizon that makes things different. A night that changes everything. And that’s Classy Night at your favorite dive bar!

Listen, you have this one night ONLY to show the world that you are a TRUE STAR and we know you wanna look gooooood!You need to make an impression and show all your classless cohorts that yes, you ARE in fact better than them. Well honey, that ain’t gonna happen if you roll upin the same old rags you keep in the back of your closet, oh hell no! 

But fear not, ya little floozies! We’re here for you! Sunday, February 6th from 1-5 pm we are hosting the Vintage pop up of your wildest sophisticated dreams! Featuring the most elegant pieces from the collections of chic Cattitude Vintage, aristocratic Another World Vintage, and posh Planet Claire.

You don’t have to look like the piece of trash you really are inside! Let us help you become the elegant, graceful, luxurious, magnificent, ritzy, glitzy lil’ strumpet that’s hiding in there somewhere!

FREE 3:00pm Event Link