Mar 04

Open Spaces Trio With Oregon Space Trail Of Jazz

We hope you can join us for an exciting double bill featuring two of Northeast Ohio's unique jazz bands, Open Spaces Trio and Oregon Space Trail Of Jazz

Open Spaces Trio:

The Open Spaces trio takes songs you may have forgotten about and reinvents them into creative, dynamic experiences. Drawing from a diverse repertoire of jazz, Americana, rock, folk, and other styles of tunes, the trio loves to explore taking what’s familiar and expanding it. Brent Hamker’s vibrant guitar solos, Matthew DeRubertis’s growling, atmospheric bass sounds, and Holbrook Riles III’s masterful drumming crafts whatever song they’ve chosen to play into a sonic journey.

Oregon Space Trail of Jazz:

In a land that never was, housed four people that never were. Drifting on the light waves of ghost stars, these cosmic cowboys have but one intention: to create a musical score for the impending interstellar apocalypse. Featuring:

Ryan Fletterick- Guitar
Nicholas Yanosko- Bass
Nolan Cavano- Guitar
Tony Kazel- Drums

More Info

Where? Bop Stop
What Time? 7:00pm
How Much? $12