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Prefuse 73 + Muamin Collective

Prefuse 73 - Legendary producer who has been based in Atlanta, Barcelona, and New York. "Following his detour into fractured, kaleidoscopic hip-hop, Herren has become increasingly interested in injecting a sense of space into his characteristically complex productions. 


The resultant 17-track collection is akin to watching an old photograph deteriorate in one’s hands, as otherwise dense beats disintegrate into airy expanses of emotionally resonant electronics. Its effect is not unlike attempting to recall a murky memory of a dream of Herren’s earliest works, imbibed with an increased interest in the subtlety of modern minimalism."

Muamin Collective - ZiON aka Swagger Vance aka j-Quills aLive aka eviL-a aka A-Livest aka Steezie Wonder are a force to be reckoned with in Cleveland hip-hop. Always evolving and fusing interesting lyrical and musical elements, Muamin have been one step ahead of the game since their inception.

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