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Jun 06-
Jun 09

RE:SOUND Music Fest

Music CUSP

Thursday, June 6
@ Negative Space Gallery

The Miralia/Stranahan Duo creates innovative and dynamic soundscapes using both ancient and modern acoustic and electronic instruments. They draw influences from the avant-garde, free improvisation, experimental noise, metal, musique concrete, and ambient musics, but the results are wholly original and will never be reproduced exactly the same way again.

~Nois is a Chicago-based saxophone quartet that defies categorization by working between the boundary of contemporary classical music and experimental improvisation. They will present an aesthetically diverse program centered around new and experimental sounds for the saxophone quartet. Featuring works by Gemma Peacocke, David Reminick, and Pauline Oliveros, this program will feature innovative uses of the instrument, such as four detuned soprano saxophones, alongside lush tonal harmonies.

saajtak is a Detroit-based art-rock quartet comprised of vocalist Alex Koi, electronic artist Simon Alexander-Adams, percussionist Jonathan Taylor and bassist Ben Willis. saajtak's musical identity draws from their collective backgrounds in free improvisation, electronic music, rock and classical music. With a repertoire of compositions that range from complex epic forms to short frenetic noise pieces, the quartet cultivates sonic environments that defy genre and the traditional roles of each instrument.

Friday, June 7

8:00 - 10:00pm
@ The Magalen

Berrow Duo is a New York City-based chamber ensemble of flute and cello exploring the intersections of music, text, and improvisation. Rodriguez’s “Anatomical Venus” references pop music as source material while Klartag’s “Hat Trick” uses an Etgar Keret short story as musical form. Leah Asher’s three-movement graphic score “If we should meet, here” ties the program together.

Sound Energy is a dynamic, Boston-based string trio committed to exploring new sounds, new collaborations, and new music. Established in 2013, Sound Energy is constantly searching for ways to push the traditional violin-viola-cello combination to represent the bold, daring voices of 20th- & 21st-century composers. Friday evening's program features works written by living female composers over the last two decades by Sofia Gubaidulina, Kaija Saariaho, and a new commission by Tamar Diesendruck.

Saturday, June 8

1:00 - 2:30pm
@ Praxis Fiber Workshop

Dykes and Young, the duo of bassist Laura Dykes (Austin, TX) and violinist Jeffrey Young (Boston, MA), makes meditative, ecstatic, acoustic music grounded in deep listening. Beginning with improvisation in spaces with special atmospheres and acoustics, they create musical structures that over time become fixed compositions. This program features works developed in rehearsal and during their January-February 2018 tour of the Southwest.

Stephanie Lamprea, a Boston-based vocalist, presents works that explore the roles of linguistics, extended techniques and improvisation. Louis d'Heudieres' Laughter Studies 2 features two vocalizing performers (Stephanie, and an audience volunteer!) who imitate and describe an audio score transmitted on headphones. Aaron Jay Myers' Lichens III is the third of the Lichens series which embodies the many beautiful and bizarre types of this organism through language displacement and extreme vocal range. Cullyn Murphy's new work for voice and objects (work title TBA) musically, textually, and physically explores teleology, middle-ground and our forced desire to move past uncertainty.

Saturday, June 8
5:00 - 7:00pm
@ Bop Stop

ANDPLAY (New York, NY)
andPlay is a violin and viola duo whose program, "Glass Screams," showcases three female composers whose works highlight different aspects of the human experience. Younge uses the performer's instruments and voices in ing ing...into (2018) to explore the limits of silence and chaos. Asher's graphic score, Letters to my future self (2018), is inspired by letters of advice that friends and family wrote to themselves, imploring one to consider one's own hopes and dreams for the future. Finally, Macklay's Maps (of friendship) (2019) is a light-hearted look at the restless nature of our contemporary lives, using google map images of the often traveled paths of both performers.

New Morse Code is a cello/percussion duo dedicated to catalyzing collaboration and building community. Christopher Stark's The Language of Landscapes makes a commentary on human wastefulness and resourcefulness by juxtaposing sounds and concepts relating to what we perceive as “natural” and “synthetic.” George Lam's The Emigrants uses oral history interviews Lam conducted with immigrant musicians living and working in Queens to tell unique stories about the role music has played in their transition to the US.

Saturday, June 8

9:00 - 11:00pm

Ada Adhiyatma is a musician who explores machine interfaces and the embodied idea of distance. Working with handmade computer programs, field recordings and old samplers, they fantasize about sound as a way to echolocate spaces defined by separations, the trauma of dislocation, the impossibility of empathy. Ada will be performing "Biological Time 1", a structured improvisation that engages with the body's sense of 'waiting' by framing durations of silence.

Leo Suarez is a drummer/improvisor based in Philadelphia. The improvisational concepts and structuring of his latest release, "Marbles On Tile", will be forming the basis of his program. "Marbles On Tile" is a 3-point system that utilizes a triangular communication path of "hard sounds". These paths develop on top of a base of "soft sound" overtones which are created with longer decaying voices. The pieces start with a small phrase which evolves into a 3-point communication. Other voices are brought in, shortened or extended, becoming more complex and melodic, with a bedrock of sound still changing underneath.

Sunday, June 9

4:00 - 6:00pm
@ The Bop Stop

One of Cleveland’s premiere new music ensembles is featuring works by young composers of the CoLab project, a months-long collaboration with area high school students. Inspired by the sounds of birds in the early morning, Eddy's new work incorporates many trills and melodic sounds in order to recreate the beautiful sound of birdsong. Vandegrift considers Non-Alcoholic Beverages a joy to compose, because through its simple melodies, experimental notation, and instrumentation, she felt she was able to express the lightness and inspiration that comes from living in the moment doing what you love, no alcoholic beverages needed. Korean-born, New York/Boston-based composer Yoon-Ji Lee focuses on rapidly transforming gestures, textures, harmonies, and tone colors, all weaved intricately into both acoustic and electroacoustic mediums.

ParkJones, a collaboration between composers Joo Won Park and Molly Jones, provides a platform for both to expand their electroacoustic improvisations. ParkJones takes a hybrid approach to orchestration while digging further into their toolboxes.

In her on-going project of powerful new voices, Ju-Ping Song presents two works based on fallibility and trauma. In “h.o.p.e.” (2015), Amy Beth Kirsten was inspired by The Big Hope Show, an exhibition of twenty-five artists, who survived enormous personal trauma and whose soulful creations reflect the radiant and transformative power of hope. In her third cinema piece, “Lynch Études”, Nicole Lizée explores her preoccupation with the fallibility of media in excerpts from David Lynch’s films, capturing, replicating, and transforming what she calls “those beautiful mistakes.”

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