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Jan 23

Reverent: Music by Jordan Reyes and Mourning [A] BLKstar

Performances of Reverent by Jordan Reyes followed by Mourning [A] BLKstar

Reverent is the all-vocal industrial project of Jordan Reyes, a wandering musician, writer, and record seller currently based in Chicago. Reyes plays in Chicago gospel noise band ONO as a synthesist and vocalist, and also makes synth-based experimental music under his own name. He currently writes for Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, and the Chicago Reader, focusing on music from underground cultures.

Reverent is a project based on Reyes' life experience as a person raised in a highly religious household, and how that has instilled an unshakeable guilt into him. There are also overt references to his addictive behavior, previously manifested in chemical dependency. Though sober now, Reyes is in constant communication with his more obsessive propensities. Reverent is a vehicle to unpack himself.

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? $10