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Richard Renaldi & Jess T. Dugan (Spring Exhibition)

Richard Renaldi will exhibit work from his 2016 book Manhattan Sunday Morning, the culmination of a seven-year project to create an homage to the Club life of New York City. With a large-format camera and black and white film, Renaldi's landscapes and portraits capture "the mystery and abandonment of the club, the nightscape and then finally daybreak."

Jess T. Dugan will exhibit new portraits from her on-going project Every Breath We Drew. Since 2011, photographer Jess Dugan has explored the power of identity, desire and connection through a collection of intimate portraits. In her show at Transformer Station, Dugan will display a selection of works from Every Breath We Drew, many of which have never before been seen or exhibited. 

Informed by queer experience and Dugan’s own self-defined masculinity, these portraits examine the intersection between private, individual identity and the search for intimate connection with others. Rather than attempting to describe a specific identity or group – the gender identity and sexual orientation of the individuals varies greatly – Every Breath We Drew asks larger questions about how identity is formed, desire is expressed and intimate connection is sought.