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May 15

Satanic Panic! Pop Culture Paranoia

The Innerspace presents a night of paranoid video entertainment inspired by Kier La Janisse’s latest book “Satanic Panic! Pop Cultural Paranoia in the 80’s”.

Free pizza
Everyone welcome
$5 donation requested not required

Email or message this page if you need the address.

Dream Deceivers 1991
Hour long documentary about two teenagers who listened to a Judas Priest album backwards and tried to kill themselves. One succeeded and the other was left severely disfigured. British occult metal group Judas Priest were put on trial in Reno Nevada as angered metalheads defend freedom of speech and enraged parents blame Satan and rock music for society’s ills.

My Sweet Satan 1992
20 minute experimental short from Ohio filmmaker Jim Van Bebber about the real life murder committed by “the acid king” Ricky Kasso under command from Satan.

Christian Snake Oil
Excerpt from Xian anti-occult propaganda about subliminal messages being put into children’s cartoons.

Satan’s Children 1975
87 minutes
No budget Florida sleaze made by a TV weather man! The oily Satanic masterpiece you’ve never seen complete with a primitive electronic score, mind boggling plot twists and sexually confused dialogue!

"One of the best movies ever made!"
-Mark Tidrick

More Info

Where? R&D
What Time? 10:00pm
How Much? $5