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Mar 27

Share-apy: A Comedy Advice Show on Secrets

March is in full swing & we are thinking a lot about our tangled web of Secrets! We have so many people in our lives that we want to be vulnerable with, but can we? Does being honest cost you? Has your secret ever gotten out of control? Do you like to remain mysterious? WE CAN FIX IT! Hosts Sam Dee & Olivia Taliaferro will pour over your problems & do their best to untangle ANY tricky situation! The show will also feature Improv Surprise, a mix of wonderful Cleveland improvisers performing "helpful exercises" to work out your secret delights!

Cleveland Magazine calls Share-apy "The quirky lovechild of a support group and variety show" and we couldn't agree more! Since its start in May of 2017 Share-apy has been seen in Cleveland Magazine,, Modern CLE, PressureLife, Mass Hysteria - Comedy Fest & more! Host & creator Sam Dee is hailed as one of the funniest women in Ohio!

All who attend will have a chance to air their predicament anonymously OR to sign up & join us on stage to discuss the dilemma at hand! Be part of Share-apy on the 4th Wednesday of every month where oversharing is encouraged!

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? $5