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Oct 13

Shell Games

The title Shell Games refers to the moment of surprise when one's assumptions regarding an object, situation, etc. are thwarted, revealing something different than expected. We see this constantly in our world today; the haze of the internet and social media in particular has made it easier to present falsehoods as truth, and we all fall for it at one point or another. Auerbach-Brown will use this element of surprise throughout the performance, to engage and hopefully inspire the audience.

Christopher Auerbach-Brown maintains an active career as composer, performer, and sound artist, having been commissioned by such notable institutions as the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Finger Lakes Music Educators' Association, Parade the Circle, the Music Settlement, and the No Exit ensemble. In 2016, Mr. Auerbach-Brown was awarded a prestigious Creative Workforce Fellowship from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.

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What Time? 4:00pm
How Much? $10