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Feb 02


Music Free

Chicago-based violist of ensemble dal niente, Ammie Brod, is sharing Memento Mori, her new solo program to Cleveland. Memento Mori: life is fleeting and transformation to another state is inevitable. A frequent theme of European religious art from the medieval to the Victorian eras, memento mori is the underlying concept behind a series of new works for solo viola. This concert features commissioned pieces by Alejandro Acierto, Lisa Atkinson, Jacob Sudol, and LJ White, as well as Katherine Pukinskis' Quiet Threnody (2015).

Currently based in Bowling Green, OH, Kenneth Cox is performing music by Marcos Balter, Du Yun, Kate Soper and Eve Belgarian. As a huge supporter for women’s and LGBTQ rights, Kenneth’s programming is centered around promoting/performing music of minorities. While all of these composers utilize the human voice in some aspect, they also experiment with silence, defining their own interpretation of what it means to be silenced, creating very unique sonic atmospheres that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

This concert is sponsored by Marcia and Phil Klunk.

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What Time? 5:00pm
How Much? FREE