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May 22

Tatsuya Nakatani

The Mysterious Black Box and BOP STOP are proud to present: TATSUYA NAKATANI – Percussion and Gong Master.

Join us for an evening of solo and collaborative improvised sets featuring a cross-section of outstanding musicians.


TATSUYA NAKATANI is a true master of percussion and gongs. His live performances leave audiences all over the world completely spellbound. He is an incredibly amazing performer. - For this evening he will be performing both a SOLO set, and a COLLABORATION set with area musicians Aaron Ali Shaikh (saxophone) // Noa Even (saxophones) // Stephan Haluska (harp with electronics) // Grace Harper (piano) // Rick Kodramaz (basses) // Lisa Miralia (synth/electronics) // Gabe Pollack (trumpet) // and Dan Wenninger (saxophones).

More Info

Where? Bop Stop
What Time? 9:00pm
How Much? $15