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Jan 20

The Alarm Clocks

With Black Tights and The Dreemers at Beachland. Tavern show.

Formed in 1965 by Parma High School students, the Alarm Clocks managed to produce just one self-released 45rpm before dissolving in 1967. This record has become a cult item among collectors with both sides included on the landmark garage band compilation “Back From The Grave - Volume One” released in 1983. Due to demand and rarity of the original, Norton Records of NYC issued a reproduction of the single in the 1990s followed in 2000 by a full-length LP/CD including additional Alarm Clocks material recorded in 1966.

The popularity of their song “No Reason To Complain” has continued to grow in ways never imagined by the band. Many cover versions exist, ranging from the Lyres (Garage legends themselves!) in 1986 to the more recent update by Japanese punk group the Raydios. In 2004 comedian Patton Oswald (King of Queens) named his Comedy Central special “No Reason To Complain,” and featured the Alarm Clocks recording as the musical introduction.

Mojo Magazine in the UK named “No Reason To Complain” as one of the Top 20 Garage Rock songs of all-time, including it on their “Instant Garage” CD compilation alongside the likes of the Sonics, the MC5, the Kinks, the Ramones, the New York Dolls and others. Quite a legacy considering there were no more than two or three hundred of the original 45s pressed and very few have survived.

Since reforming for the 40th anniversary of their single in 2006, the Alarm Clocks have played to festival crowds across the country and have recorded amazing new original material with the same raw energy they had in the 1960s. The current lineup features founding members Mike Pierce on lead vocals and bass and Bruce Boehm on guitar, along with lead guitarist Tom Fallon and drummer Vince Bartolotto.

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What Time? 7:30pm
How Much? $10