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Dec 06-
Jan 05


THE OLD MAN AND THE OLD MOON was created by the dynamic PigPen Theatre Company, who toured this hit show throughout the country. An old man has the important job of filling up the moon with liquid light each night. But when his wife is drawn away by a mysterious melody, he must abandon his duties and cross the seas in search of his lost love. Along the way, he contends with apocalyptic storms, civil wars, monsters of the deep, irritable ghosts, and the fiercest obstacle of all: change. This play features actors playing instruments, sound effects created live on stage, and elaborate shadow puppets in an imaginative seafaring epic.

This is an odyssey of music and theatre magic that you won’t want to miss. It’s a mystical epic that is fun for families, but also a perfect evening’s entertainment for date night.

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Where? Dobama
What Time? Various
How Much? $